The AI Economist

An open source framework for economic policy design.

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Moonshot Goal

We aim to develop an AI social planner that optimizes economic policies and improves social welfare in the real world. This project is intended to expand on the work of the AI Economist (Zheng et al., 2020.)

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Improve social welfare by designing economic levers across monetary policy, fiscal policy, sustainability, and beyond.

Machine Learning

Complement analytical approaches to economic design with effective, robust, and explainable machine learning techniques that are validated with real data.


Build fast, efficient, and modular economic simulations grounded in real-world data.

Trusted AI

Develop ethical solutions that are responsible, accountable, transparent, empowering, and inclusive.

Build and Collaborate

Trusted AI

Collaborate on research, contribute code, and interchange ideas.

Economics Community

Develop rich economic simulations, evaluate AI policies, and explore how AI can solve complex economic problems.

Policy Experts

Guide the research and tell us which social issues you would like to address using our framework.

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# Get the code
git clone 
&& cd ai-economist && pip install -e .

# Run the tutorial
cd tutorials && jupyter notebook
Access our documentation on GitHub.


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