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Do you want to know if your favorite sports team is popular on Twitter? Or if your kickstarter proposal is written for success? With a few simple clicks, MetaMind can make these kinds of classifications and many others. You can train our machine learning algorithms for your own tasks and share your classifier with others!

Twitter Sentiment Classification

MetaMind lets you search data from Twitter feeds or Twitter hashtags, and classify it automatically using one of our state-of-the-art classifiers.
Find out what sentiments your favorite users, politicians or artists express in their tweets!

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Text Sentiment Analysis

MetaMind lets you automatically classify your own text and documents using one of our state-of-the-art classifiers.
Find out the sentiments of your customer emails, identify all texts on a particular topic, or predict the outcome a document is likely to have!

Classify the sentiment of this text:
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{{ currentPrediction.classifier.classes[currentPrediction.prediction] }} ({{ currentPrediction.prob * 100 | number:0 }}%)

Featured classifiers

You can extract useful information from tweets, but these techniques can also be applied to your own data. Explore some other use cases, and find out how automated text classification can save you time and make your day!

Train your own text classifier

If there is a classification problem for which we do not have a classifier, you can upload labeled training data and, with a just a few clicks, you can train a classifier to predict on new datasets. We will give you an estimate of how well it works on new data.

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Explore shared classifiers and datasets

Browse through reports of how our machine learning predictor performs on the datasets users have already uploaded and analyzed.

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This deep learning algorithm is trained to score the semantic similarity between two sentences.
You can type two sentences and press test in order to have the algorithm score their similarity.

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